New Album – Bells


Memory Monday – Radio Headlines

Whether it be playing his monthly acoustic slot at DAS HOTEL in Berlin, touring with a full band in Europe or leading a circus-cabaret show TORQUE in Austral-Asia, Elyas Khan…

Memory Monday – La la la la la la Lively in your Living Room!

Happy Memory Monday, dear Readers! In recent weeks, we’ve brought you exciting tales of Elyas’s travels around the world. This adventure started when Elyas’s long-time musical collaborator and buddy, Sxip…

Bells klingen noch mal für Rebecca

Und nochmal in der Wiederholung mit anderen wunderbaren Kurzfilmen… Rebecca am Freitag Abend um 21:45 Uhr bei EinsFestival (ARD), mit Tonspur von Romain Vicente und Elyas Khan.

Memory Monday – A vous de goûter et goutter… Drop Drop!

Un voyage de mille kilomètres commence toujours par un premier pas… Il y a sept ans, Elyas Khan et son ancien groupe New Yorkais, Nervous Cabaret, étaient déjà connus aux…

Memory Monday – Elyas Khan, A Musical Traveller

So, Elyas has just this morning got back from his recent travels in the Far East and Australia, where he was performing and rehearsing with Strut and Fret Productions‘ circus-cabaret…

We’re on German TV!

German student filmmaker Anna Kohlschütter handed in her final assignment this year, with her finely crafted short film Rebecca, starring Lise Wolle. A snap shot of a young woman’s life as she couch surfs in…


  • 26
    Berlin, Germany
    Das Hotel, Mariannenstraße 26a, 10999 Berlin
  • 08
    Villeneuve D’Asq France
    La Ferme d'en Haut
  • 26
    Munich, Germany
    Tollwood Festival (LIMBO)

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