Elyas Khan on BiRock Radio Lyon

Elyas Khan, Citizen of the World, makes his musical journeys with a compass that is not bound to east nor west… Tracks from his latest album, Brawl In Paradise, can…

Excellent Radio Review Stream of BRAWL IN PARADISE

Tonight! April 30 a Re-broadcast on Radio Saint Ferréol @ 20hr of… An excellent Radio intro to my album “BRAWL IN PARADISE”” 1st heard on Radio M France in Nyons…

Single “Bells” Best of 2013 according to this Blog

As far as I am concerned Elyas Khan’s Bells is one of the catchiest, most brilliant songs of 2013, combining an irresistible bass line and Khan’s wonderful meandering singing voice with great lyrics…

Brawl In Paradise UK Album review

“A new form of alternative pop music.Mark him down as a genuine innovator”

A little insight to my process etc…by Blog Rocksucker

We loved Elyas Khan’s recent “Bells” single, so we endeavoured to find out more about him — Rocksucker (@rocksucker) September 27, 2013 Lovely shuffly rhythm section propping this one…


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