Berlin Velodrome Team GASAG

While Elyas was Rocking LIMBO at the Fringe World Festival in one hemisphere he was composing music for another! This piece of music was to accompany this beautiful promo produced by BLAM…

Janwaar Castle Skateboard Park India

Very excited to have composed an original score for the Janwaar Castle Skateboard Park India skateboarding community and educational program. The aim is to get these rural kids from a…

Limbo down under on Australian TV show Today Tonight!

The cast of LIMBO gave an up-close sneak peek of the show to the crew of the Australian TV show Today Tonight! LIMBO is dirty & dangerous circus-cabaret, whisking audiences worldwide…

Between Heaven and Earth, from Berlin to Melbourne and Perth

I’ve been in Limbo, in more ways than one, for the past year and a half. I ran away with the circus you see, stepping into the sparkly shoes of…

BELLS on Kalk Entertainment #1 “Jeff Özdemir & Strobocop”

Thorsten von Karaoke Kalk und Jeff Özdemir haben ein “Mixtape” für PhonanzaFM aufgenommen… Dieser Mix ist jetzt on MixCloud. Kalk Entertainment #1 “Jeff Özdemir & Strobocop” Featuring BELLS by Elyas Khan…

Mishka Shubaly #Recommended

“Break In Violence by Nervous Cabaret. Elyas Khan has this voice steeped in sadness and glee and mourning and lust… he could sing me my tax return and I’d love…


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