Elyas Khan singing with Jan Bell, Phillipa Thompson on violin, and Tim Luntzel on bass at Galapagos (Dumbo/Brooklyn) January 2009, Video shot by Oliver Diaz.

A little history on the layers of what’s happening here:
Elyas sings this song “Miners”, an adaptation from a Wilfred Owen poem, on Jan’s Award Winning album Songs for Love Drunk Sinners.

Jan Bell is the one who started Elyas off playing music – and he met Fred (Nervous Cabaret cornet) at her open mic, and then Elyas/Fred met Brian Geltner (Nervous Cabaret drummer who also plays with Jan) at a party of some of Jan’s friends. Tim Lunztzel (the bass player in the clip ) is the bass player on Nervous Cabaret’s second album release “DROP DROP” (Naive/ 2007)

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