Prince Lives on in All of Us: 1 Year Commemoration & Celebration

On FRIDAY, April 21st t Festal Kzreuzberg Berlin, Elyas Khan will rock 2 Tracks as part of a Berlin All-Star line-up as we come together to commemorate, and celebrate, the ascension of our Purple Majesty into the cosmos… for those of us who were rocking our bootlegged Black Album tape cassettes back in ’86, Elyas has a special surprise for you! ALSO… A RARE FOOTAGE VIDEO PRESENTATION OF PRINCE!

Blitz Festaal Kruezberg Berlin Elyas Khan Prince Tribute

O(+> Prince Rogers Nelson was never one to let anyone wrap him up in a pussycat bow. Pop-star. Rock-god. Funk-master. Preacher. Satyr. Dandy. Workhorse. Gender-bender. Monk. Magician. Philanthropist. Joker. Svengali. Recluse. Showman extraordinaire. He was a man of luminous, full-throated joy, and deep, shattering longing. Of indestructible groove laced with an abyssal ache that he was certain (and he was right) could be made to take flight through the transcendent, propulsive power of music. He played guitar like he was making love and talking in tongues. He sang like an angel and a man possessed. He was reverence and sin. Confusion and commitment. Artifice and naked emotional exposure. He hated being stared at but wanted everyone to look at him. And when we looked, we were as awed as he wanted and needed us to be, and we offered up the love that he asked for and that he made, and for a long time it was enough, it was everything, and at the same time it was not and could never be enough.

O(+> On April 21st, a year exactly since our Purple muse passed, we celebrate his legacy. Bands and artists from all persuasions will gather to pay tribute to a man who changed the face of music forever.
“Can it be in this seemingly short space of time, we’ve lived a year or 2 inside our minds?
Now I want 2 spend my whole life through inside of U”  – Prince / The Grand Progression (1989/Unreleased)

LIVE ACTS Include:

Ahmad Larnes (Schwarz Dont Crack / (Nettwerk Music Group)
Elyas Khan (BBE Music / Vicious Circle Rec)
The Feminists (Berlin)
The Hoo Netwerk Music GroupNDYD)
Milly Blue (Duchess Box Records)
SNAX – musician (Random Records)

AusgehDörte (RIP – Tunten aus der Gruft)
Dickey (Get Up Recordings)
Digital Norman (ByteFM)
S.U.O.P (Schockadelica)

This is a charity event. All proceeds going to GSBTB – Open Music Schoolwhich support the integration of refugees and less-privileged newcomers into Berlin’s music scene.

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