LIMBO on Tour : Venlo (NL)

Sunday -
De Maaspoort Theater
Venlo (NL)

LIMBO is back in Europe and touring the Netherlands!

Welcome to the greatest party between heaven and hell. Welcome to “Limbo”, an intoxicating mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics that has seduced audiences worldwide with sell-out seasons everywhere from London to Munich, Auckland to Adelaide, Bogota to Brussels.

Directed by Scott Maidment, “Limbo” whisks audiences into a sinister netherworld of gut-churning contortion, breath-taking acrobatics and jaw-dropping stunts. Music is a dominating force of the production composed exclusively by New York’s Sxip Shirey. Ringmaster Elyas Khan (UK) will lead the live ensemble, performing irreverent electric acoustic noise and playful, sexy beats alongside prolific musicians Mick Stuart and Eamon McNelis (AUS).

“Limbo”’s stunning international cast also features: Coney Island’s sword swallower and vintage beauty, Heather Holliday; gravity-defying Chinese pole master Antonio Vargas Montiel (ESP); aerial-contortionist Marco Motta (BRA); acrobatic dancing sensation Hilton Denis (AUS); exquisite aerialist Evelyne Allard (CAN); and mind-bending contortionist extraordinaire, Tigris (GER).

Sun. 27 May 2018
De Maaspoort Theater
Oude Markt 30, 5911 HH Venlo (NL)